Penguin Cleaning Perth | Carpet and Rug Cleaning Perth
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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

For your sophisticated floor covering such as the stylish carpet, you need the helping hand of experts at Penguin cleaning Perth. The way of cleaning this area is very complex wherein you need to brush it again and again just to remove the deep penetration of dirt. It is the only way to make it clean but the domestic method can ruin its beauty. You can count our professional team in terms of handling a Carpet/Rug cleaning. We have the best technique to establish comfort and to ensure a long lasting used and beauty of your carpet.


The Services are Perfect for:


  • Home/ Residential area
  • Establishment/Executive offices
  • Schools for young children
  • Hospital waiting area
  • Hotel Accommodation/ Lodging area
  • Commercial Buildings Common Area
There is no too small or too large carpet, we can give you the service as long as you need it.
Let’s make your carpet free from dirt and undesirable odour.
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Our 8 Effective Methods of Cleaning Your Cozy Carpet:


  • The used of heavy duty vacuum to provide cleaning satisfaction for dust and dirt.
  • The suitable cleansing is used to remove stain.
  • The shampoo application is used to retain moisture while softening the dirt to make it possible and easy to remove. It is also used to removes the unpleasant smell of pet’s urine.
  • The way of manual massage to the carpet is done for the absorption of shampoo into its fabric.
  • The traditional method of hot water is applied to kill the existence of bugs.
  • The extraction of excess moisture is done for fast drying.
  • The deodorizing can give vibrant smell to the floor covering.
  • The final method is grooming wherein they’ll unleash the beauty of carpet like the first time you bought it.