High Pressure Cleaning

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For optimum cleaning service, the Penguin Cleaning Perth is dedicated to give further assistance as below:

High Pressure Cleaning (Jet wash)

This is the best method to clean external areas like driveways and pavement. It can eradicate unpleasant oil, stains, moss and algae. It can wipe out major source of stains that can cause accident like slipping.

The method is applicable for the following outdoor surfaces:

  • Patios

  • Decks

  • Windows and window sills

  • Driveways

  • Concrete retainer walls

  • Stone services

  • Brick walls

Water Damage and Restoration Services:

This service is very essential to avoid certain problems due to damages that it will cause in the future.

  • On site estimation.

  • Timely and professional service.

  • We aim to give immediate response to repair water damage.

  • We have knowledgeable and fully skilled technicians that can accommodate the science of drying.

  • The team can ensure the 100% guarantee of total drying.

  • The service enables to prevent the build-up of mildew and microorganism.

  • The elimination of unpleasant smell is done through deodorization.

  • The restoration also includes the full water damage retrieval and the use of art drying and dehumidification equipment.