Penguin Cleaning Perth | Oven & BBQ Cleaning
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Oven and BBQ Cleaning

We are proud to offer a full service oven and BBQ clean. This involves a detailed clean. When it comes to ovens and BBQs, our service at Penguin cleaning Perth is comprehensive. This specialised cleaning service will leave you astounded at how clean your oven or BBQ is and you will simply love using it.

Our oven cleaning service includes:


  • Cleaning both side of the oven door.
  • Removal of the oven door and cleaning the catchment area.
  • Remove and clean all racks and rear fan.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside of your oven till it is sparkles.
  • Detail the interior and doors with a fine polish.


We can also clean other related items including grill, warming and storage drawers, cook tops, range hoods & filters as well as microwave ovens. We can also perform some maintenance including the changing of light bulbs.

Once your oven and BBQ are sparkling and clean, have regular cleans will ensure they are maintained and always ready for your next cooking job.