Penguin Cleaning Perth | Strip & Seal Vinyl/Lino Floors
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Strip & Sealing Vinyl/Lino Floors in Perth

It is a smart choice to have the service of Penguin cleaning Perth in terms of maintaining the looks and providing long lasting performance of strip and seal vinyl or linoleum flooring. The elegance of this type of floor covering can be vanished from a long period of using it and the vinyl’s design could look worn-out and dull. Although vinyl is very easy to maintain, it is still important that the process are carefully done and should be handled by professional. We use safe and effective products to strip and seal your vinyl and therefore make it look like brand new for a second time.


Vinyl Strip and Seal

Intensely, vinyl floors loss their polish due to the existence of dirt and grime. For instance, the floor coverings look tired and lifeless. It happens when a friction arises from shoe steps or any rough foot sheets, moving of chairs and other heavy or rough objects at home and establishment.
It is possible to bring back the lost beauty of this floor covers through using the best technique of transformation and restoration. By hiring our cleaners to manage all these, you’ll almost forget your plan of replacing a new one.


We provide the most efficient process of stripping and resealing the vinyl/linoleum which is the best solution to save money and time. You will be able to witness a stunning result without even thinking that the vinyl has undergone further maintenance. The fine scratches and build-up of dirt will be completely removed using our high speed buffing method. Moreover, doing it yourself is not ideal as the deep scratches are quite hard and impossible to re-touch. Leave it to us and let our people do the hard job for you.

How’s the Cleaning Process goes and what Are the Benefits?

  • It aims a systematic cleaning scheme to achieve terrific result.
  • The purpose of stripping is to clean and totally remove the old sealer.
  • The absence of dust and any residue is ensured to prevent the messy stuff on the application of new sealer.
  • This should be done with dry floor for immediate drying and to secure the durability of new sealer.
  • The new sealed floor can now resist any minor cause of damages such as residues or dirt.
  • It is now easier to clean as it well-polished and protected.



Nowadays, it is very important to become prudent when it comes on budgeting your money. Instead of buying a new one, think for some essential remedy such as preserving the old and bring it back to life. Productivity and practicality is the key and in order to achieve that, you should give importance to some matters that you can still bring into play.
If you wish to prepare your precious vinyl for major event, it is better to make a move and consult our friendly team. Do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to assist you further.