Penguin Cleaning Perth | Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning Perth
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Upholstery & Mattresses Cleaning in Perth

If you are looking for proper care of upholstery in your office, commercial establishment or home, Penguin Cleaning Perth will get a hand of it. We have reliable and dedicated furniture cleaners who are very devoted to assist home and business owners on their upholstery and cleaning needs. We do Upholstery Cleaning with care and use mild substance to accurately maintain the surface and appearance of your furniture.


The features of our services are one off and move in/out, routine and emergency upholstery cleaning services including:


  • Establishment/commercial properties – we do the service after your operation hours to prevent hassle from further activities.
  • For homes, units, executive and apartments.
  • We give life for your old, dusty, furniture or mattresses.
  • We remove the existence of mildew due to long time of storage.
  • We specializes upholstery that has been marked during delivery.
  • We also include mobile homes, cars and boats
  • It is our pleasure to provide service that will benefit the schools, child care centres, Kindergartens, nursing homes, churches, and community centres.
  • We consider providing services for fitness centres such as gym and yoga.
  • Our services are highly qualified for medical and health centres, doctor surgery and waiting rooms.
  • We enable service with shops, pubs, clubs, bar, cafes, hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, B&B accommodation, etc.
  • It does not matter if the type of furniture upholstery is natural or synthetic. We can handle those according to your request.
  • We are the best team to perform jobs extending from a single chair, baby mattress or small sofa to hundreds of office chairs.
  • We can guarantee to leave the job well cleaned, finished and freshly smelled.
  • We used system which is formulated with PH balance solution for a lovely appearance and attractive odour.
  • The inspection is done to ensure the cleaning standard.
  • We aim to this service as it guarantees the health of people who experienced allergy asthma. For instance, the overall effect is worthy not just for sanitation but also to save money, time and effort.